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World Martial Arts Masters

The World Martial Arts Masters Association and the World Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame was founded in 1998 by Sid Campbell, Eric Lee and Mark Gerry. The World Grand Masters Hall Of Fame was added in the years to follow.A not for profit group of martial artists solely for the purpose of recognizing the very best martial artist and there contribution to there community and to the martial Arts.

There are no dues, fees or charges of any kind for membership or any awards we are fully self-supporting through our own contributions.


All inductees are picked by a panel of Grand Masters for the sole purpose of honoring our peers in the martial arts. Our events are free no one is ever charged for any dinners or entrance fees. Most of our presentations have been at large gatherings that are organized by our members but we as a group never have our own events.


This Association was founded for one reason and one reason only if you received this award you have freely giving a Lifetime of  service to your community and the martial arts and deserve to be called a real Member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

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